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Top Factors to Consider in Data Centre Location

13 October, 2015

Choosing the right location for your data centre is critical, as it can have a huge impact on the efficiency and longevity of the facility. Before investing companies must make sure the site is suitable, and there are many factors to consider.

Before confirming the location of your data centre buildMap Marker On The World, make sure you have considered these factors, and compared them with other locations before deciding on your first option.

Power grids and electrical resources

Data centres consume an awful lot of electricity, which means you need to build a facility in an area with a high standard of electrical power. This could mean building between two power grids as depending on size, you could need a great deal of power to keep the centre running. Another factor to consider here besides electrical availability is cost – how much of the budget is all that electricity going to take up? Would you be able to cut costs by powering the data centre somewhere else? This is definitely something for international companies to consider, as the cost of electricity can vary significantly between countries.

Telecom infrastructure

It may seem obvious that data centres need to be built somewhere with a premium telecom infrastructure, which is unlikely to experience faults. Facilities need to be able to operate 24/7, so it’s critical that the local infrastructure is robust enough to handle the constant stream of data passing through.

Risk of natural disasters

The weather conditions should play a huge role when deciding on where to locate a data centre. From floods to earthquakes, Mother Nature can have a disastrous effect on data centres, resulting in downtime and loss of profit for many companies. Before deciding on a location, do some research into the risk of natural disasters and the average weather. Also make sure you have a disaster recovery plan, for any data centre can get hit with fierce storms or some sort of disaster, regardless of location. However it is always wise to reduce the risk by building in more stable areas.

Construction cost

Data centres can have different construction costs depending on geographical location. Again, these can vary drastically country to country, but even choosing different parts of the UK can have significantly different price tags. Building rents in London are obviously higher than elsewhere in the nation, while choosing a very remote location might have higher costs involved due to the extra workload of getting the construction materials and workforce there.

These are the top factors to consider before deciding on your data centre location – get in contact for more expert advice.


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