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Top Tips for Designing a Data Centre

25 July, 2016

an image of a data centreThere is so much to consider when designing a data centre, from the external space and location to the design of the interior and the efficiency of the building. Having designed and built hundreds of data centres and computer rooms, the team at ITE Projects are well positioned to give helpful advice to any organisations planning a new data centre in the near future. Here are their top tips for designing a cost effective and energy efficient date facility.

1. Location, location, location

One of the most, if not the most important consideration is the location of your data centre. If anything goes wrong in the future, the cost of relocating your data centre is huge. Choose a place which is convenient for the business but also has a good standing for power supply and doesn’t have a tendency for natural disasters such as flooding. You’ll also need to think about factors such as security and noise pollution.

2. Levels

How many floors will the data centre need? Don’t forget that more levels will mean more ground space needed for goods lifts to move equipment. You also need space beneath all server rooms for a raised computer room floor, for cooling equipment and cable containment.

3. Efficiency tips

A percentage of the data centre’s power output will be dependent on the type of equipment chosen. However the largest chunk of the energy bill will likely be attributed to the cooling system, so it is here where you can save the most. Choosing an eco-friendly indirect adiabatic cooling system can drastically reduce energy costs, as it uses a natural process and water rather than compressors and refrigerants. The actual design method of the aisles inside the data centre can also improve efficiency. Implementing a hot and cold aisle can put less pressure on cooling systems, and you can further improve this by isolating the aisles with doors or partitioning.

4. Security systems

While in the design stage it’s crucial to decide how you will protect the data centre and its staff. How will the entrance be designed, how will people gain access? You can have turnstiles, a card entry system or numerous security measures. You may also wish to decide which areas have restricted access, and if you need further security around the perimeter of the building.

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