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Wearable Technology Gives Cloud Data A Whole New Meaning

30 October, 2014

Wareable TechWearable technology has been pegged as the hottest new development of 2014. And the trend is only set to continue, with experts predicting that the wearable tech market will surpass US$50 billion in the next five years. Consumers seem to love the devices, with a recent study from Rackspace finding that 47% of users felt more intelligent when using wearable tech, 37% believed the devices contributed to career development and 61% experienced a boost in personal efficiency.


Drs. Chris Brauer and Jennifer Barth, authors of a recent Rackspace study explain, “The ability to access these insights from the cloud – anywhere, anytime -enables wearable technology users to boost their intelligence, confidence, health, fitness and even their love lives.”

 Read on for an overview of the various different devices on the market and how they use cloud technology to make life easier and more efficient than ever before.

Google Glass

As the globe’s biggest tech giant, Google’s first attempt at wearable technology was suitably impressive. Marketed as the world’s first ‘smart eyewear,’ the next generation glasses feature an optical head mounted display (also known as OHMD) which relays information to wearers and responds to vocal demands. The device is compatible with popular Google apps such as Google Now, Google Maps, Google+, and Gmail while a built in camera and 720p HD video recorder allow wearers to capture moments on-the-go.

Samsung Gear 2 Neo

Thanks to a fantastic marketing campaign, the all new Samsung Gear 2 Neo has caused quite a buzz. It’s the brand’s third generation of smartwatch and offers wearers a great range of features. A super sensitive microphone and speaker allow users to make calls on-the-move while features such as a heart-rate monitor and pedometer use cloud technology to help wearers stay in shape.

Jawbone Up24

Designed primarily for fitness buffs, the Jawbone Up24 is inherently sporty. The slim line design is comfortable, water resistant and easy to wear. As far as features go, the band is all about health and fitness. A pedometer tracks steps and calculates burned calories while the ability to sync with iPhone and Android operating systems allows users to take advantage of the Up mobile app.   


From enhancing personal fitness to making communication easier than ever before, wearable technology is transforming the face of modern society. Data centres are at the centre of the revolution and demand for the information hubs is only set to grow as more and more consumers realise the incredible benefits on offer from products such as Google Glass, Samsung Gear 2 Neo and Jawbone Up24.


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