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What Is Hybrid Cloud Technology?

31 March, 2015

What Is Hybrid Cloud Technology?

Over the past few years hybrid cloud technology has emerged as a key player in the sphere of private and public cloud services. Yet despite its rapidly growing popularity many people still have a vague understanding of the model. To clear up the confusion we’ve put together a legible guide explaining what hybrid cloud technology is and what’s next for the future…


What is hybrid cloud?

Put simply, hybrid cloud technology combines public cloud providers with private cloud platforms. The technology is designed for private use by individual clients. To function, the public providers and private platforms communicate using an encrypted connection. While each operates independently the encrypted connection allows for collaboration and streamlined operations.

The combination of public and private elements allows clients to store data on a private cloud without compromising the ability to draw on resources from public cloud providers.


Why has it become so popular?

Driving the boom in hybrid cloud technology is a desire for organisations to find a harmonious balance between using on-site computer technology and outsourcing storage to external data centres. The solution is the hybrid cloud.


What are the benefits?

The key benefit of hybrid cloud technology is the flexibility to use on-site private infrastructure. This means that organisations do not have to use public internet to access confidential information. This significantly reduces access times and platform dormancy while boosting safety and security. Another major perk is the ability to use exclusive on-premises infrastructure yet still retain the flexibility to leverage the public cloud when workloads and data requirements expand. For organisations with seasonal surges in storage demand (for example tax accountants) the ability to expand  infrastructure on-demand ensures that they are only paying for what is needed, when it’s needed.


What’s next for the future?

So what’s next on the horizon for hybrid cloud technology? First and foremost analysts predict ongoing growth over the coming years. The latest statistics from the Cisco Cloud Index report revealed some powerful trends that are set to shape the face of the hybrid cloud industry over the next few years. Predictions included IP data centre traffic of 8.6 zettabytes by 2019. This represents a 2.8 fold increase compared to 2013’s figures.

In the wake of the increasing popularity of the hybrid cloud we can expect to see global governments roll out a series of new rules and regulations to govern the new technology. These will be designed to set benchmark standards for providers, protect clients and ensure that hybrid cloud services continue to emerge as the undisputed technology of tomorrow.   


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