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What Makes a Data Centre Efficient?

01 June, 2017

What Makes a Data Centre Efficient?

In today’s tough environmental situation, it’s more important than ever for the data centre industry to prioritise efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. In almost every data centre there is room for improvement when it comes to efficiency, and some of the biggest tech companies are setting a great example. Google for example has long had one of the world’s best PUE scores across all of its global data centres, and is now aiming to power all of its facilities with renewable energy.

It’s one of the fastest growing sectors in the world and demand is only growing, so there is a lot of responsibility lying on data centres. We’re constantly looking for new innovations and ways to preserve energy. You might not have the huge buying power of tech giants such as Google, but every company with a data facility can make a difference. Here are a few factors which ensure data centre is as efficient as possible.

Following the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centre Efficiency

This EU code is voluntary, but it’s a great way to encourage step change in the right direction. The programme includes Best Practices Guidelines which highlight energy saving opportunities without jeopardising the function of data centres. Participants which successfully improve their energy efficiency by taking part in the Code of Conduct are eligible for the annual EU Data Centres Code of Conduct Awards.

Energy Efficient Equipment

In data centres, a huge amount of power is needed to provide electricity the multiple servers, power distribution units and UPSs. With so much equipment and technology to power, it’s essential that data centres use the most energy efficient machinery. Using the latest energy efficient technology can result in less power being used and energy savings.

Efficient Cooling

Constant cooling requires a lot of energy, so it’s also important to install the most energy efficient cooling technology. A compressor driven air conditioning unit eats up power, but this can be replaced with a more sustainable option – adiabatic evaporative cooling. Not only does it use external air and water to keep CO2 emissions to a minimum, but it also doesn’t require HFCs which damage the environment and are used in most air conditioning systems.

Correct Positioning of Equipment

It’s hard to believe but the layout of the data centre can have a huge impact on the efficiency. For example, air handling units and floor grilles need to be positioned correctly to avoid creating hot spots, and the arrangement of a hot and cold aisle layout can also improve the efficiency of cooling equipment.

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