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Why is Cooling so Important for Data Centres?

22 September, 2016

Without efficient cooling to regulate the temperature, data centres simply would not be able to operate. Servers and other equipment can’t function past a certain temperature, but a confined space with lots of operational equipment obviously gets warm pretty quickly. With data centres required to be functional 24/7 365 days a year, it is easy to see how dependent they are on effective cooling systems.

Choosing a cooling system is one of the most important jobs for a data centre designer or manager. The temperature and humidity needs to be controlled to prevent damage to equipment and to keep operations running smoothly. There is also another aspect to consider as more pressure is being placed on data centres to reduce carbon footprints – environmental impact. Cooling systems which are constantly running can use a lot of energy, and also rack up hefty bills.

Image of a Cooling Ventilator

What would happen without cooling?

When equipment starts to overheat, it starts to fail. Even if just a couple of servers become dysfunctional, the impact could be severe. When it gets to this stage, it can take a while to reduce the temperature again which means you could face a spiral of frazzled hardware. The recommended temperature for data centres is generally between 21 and 24C, however this can different depending on size and type of equipment.

In addition to keeping the temperature at an optimised level, cooling systems also tackle humidity. If the humidity levels become too high within a data centre you may find condensation – which could damage equipment. Without cooling, data centres would not be able to operate at all.

Image of Overheating Data Center

What is the most efficient way to cool a data centre?

There are a variety of methods and systems which are used in data centres throughout the world. Cooling technology is developing all of the time, and some of the more modern systems offer a cost reducing benefit with an eco-friendly approach.

Standard air conditioning is used in many facilities, but running this all day can be a huge financial burden. We recommend an innovative system called Indirect Adiabatic Cooling. It takes advantage of natural processes to offer a sustainable and efficient way to cool data centres. It uses only water and external air, so there are no harmful HFC refrigerants which are used in many air conditioning systems. It is also extremely low maintenance as there are few moving parts within the adiabatic cooling structure.

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