Computer Room Air Conditioning & Cooling

Planning your computer rooms cooling features is more critical than ever.

With the increase in power consumption of new generation servers, an efficient air conditioning design for the modern computer / server room has become a critical design feature.

Controlling your server room environment and maintaining a stable temperature and humidity is vital to the IT systems reliability, close control air conditioning units control temperature, humidity and filtration to within tight tolerances. These can then be remotely monitored, and a suitable warning given of abnormal temperature readings.

Over the years, we have forged partnerships with leading manufacturers and suppliers, enabling us to supply and install high specification cooling equipment with the latest energy saving features at very competitive prices, all installed to meet or surpass manufacturers' recommended installation requirements.

Computer Rack Cooling
Our normal protocol is downflow air conditioning using a raised floor as the air flow plenum. With careful planning of floor grille / damper placement, a good air distribution can be achieved.
It is also essential that a hot and cold aisle regime be employed to give the required circulation of cool air feeding the equipment racks.
If blade servers are to be installed, very careful thought must be given to their position and cooling availability.

Condenser Setting
Careful consideration must be given to the siting of the equipment used for heat rejection. It is common to find overheated areas during periods of hot weather due to lack of forethought in design.
This is one of the most common causes of service call outs, especially now that heat loads in rooms are rising per footprint and space is at a premium.

Load Implications
When equipment slowly populates a data centre it is easily forgotten that for every 100kW of kit installed approximately a further 30kW of energy is required to cool it. These loads can quickly increase until power availability is reached or exceeded.

Direct Expansion Air Conditioning
DX cooling offers the advantages of reduced initial installation costs and the ability to add further computer room air conditioning units if & when the cooling load increases.

As each air handling and condenser unit comprises of a self contained cooling unit, a fault in a pump or within a section of pipework will not affect other air handling units. Thus increasing the resilience of the facility.

DX cooling is particularly suites to small to medium computer rooms or data centres. Large facilities however, will need to accommodate a large number of pipe runs using this system.

Chilled Water Air Conditioning
Chilled water air conditioning systems require a greater initial investment due to the nature of the pipework and the requirement of a pump room and associated equipment, however, for larger data centres and computer rooms they offer a significantly reduced number of pipe runs and can offer greater efficiency.

Redundancy for Air Conditioning Systems
The minimum requirement we recommend for most computer rooms would be n+1, where any single item of plant could be shut down either due to malfunction or planned routine maintenance with no adverse effect on the computer or server room environment, this would equate to a tier 2 system with a single path for the cooling system.

A more comprehensive tier 3 or tier 4 system would have multiple cooling paths with one path active at any time, enabling continuous operation of the computer room or data centre as the other half of the system is shut down for maintenance.

We have a vast amount of knowledge regarding all types of computer room air conditioning and are happy to offer advice on any future cooling project.


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