Computer Room Design Service

The Key To A Successful Computer Room? Ensuring The Best Computer Room Design Is Done!

Optimal computer room design dictates that computer racks, a/c equipment and switchgear need to be positioned with enough space to allow for routine maintenance; suitable fire exits and adequate cooling and general aesthetics, while enabling the maximum number of racks to be accommodated.

For critical data applications, computer cabinets will employ two power strips, each of these being supplied from a different source, such as a pair of power distribution units.
Power should transfer seamlessly between each source in case of a fault on either supply.

UPS systems are employed to supply power to computer cabinets in the event of mains failure. The UPS system needs to be sized according to the time needed to keep the rack running before allowing a controlled shut down or to allow transfer of power to a generator backup. We have installed generator backup at a number of sites where equipment needs to be in operation throughout prolonged mains failure.

The computer room design must cater for equipment and battery UPS systems that produce large amounts of heat, adequate cooling must therefore be provided to prevent racks over heating. UPS systems in particular will have a considerably shorter life span if kept in high ambient temperatures.

All cooling pipes should be kept away from sensitive switchgear and computer equipment. Leak detection systems should be employed to enable early warning of pipework failure.

The computer room design will include provision for a full fire detection system, usually incorporating an addressable fire alarm panel. Fire supression can be carried out using a number of different systems such as FM200 of HiFog.


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