Data Centre Build and Security

 Security Built Into Your Data Centre

Data Centre Security AccessThe security of the data centre is of prime consideration with any data centre build.

The level of security will vary depending upon the type and usage of the facility.
ITE have a wealth of knowledge of designing and installing a range of data centre security systems, to suit each client’s requirements.

Data Centre CCTV

CCTV cameras have been installed at a number of sites, externally to monitor car park and vehicular access areas as well as plant areas, pedestrian entrances, exits

Placement of Internal CCTV can range from a single camera covering the reception / entrance / exit areas to a more comprehensive system that will give complete coverage of all data halls, corridors and pedestrian access routes.

Security Access

Security access systems have been installed at a number of sites, these include biometric finger print readers, key pads and access pod systems.


Windows within a data centre always presents a security problem, ITE have installed blast wall partitioning behind windows in a particularly security orientated site.

Data centre security items include.

  • Perimeter Security Fencing, vehicular bollards.
  • Vehicular access control
  • Security lighting
  • High definition Infrared / night vision CCTV systems
  • Security access portals up to class 4 EN 1627:30 (2000)
  • Turnstile access gates
  • Access control – biometric, pin, swipe card
  • Swipe card access systems
  • Motion detection



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