Data Centre Build for Lighting

Make Your Data Centre More Efficient by Using LED Lighting 

ITE have fitted energy efficient LED lighting to a number of data centre build projects. Fitting LED lighting or retro fitting into an existing facility can reduce to power consumption significantly over conventional fluorescent luminaires.

Further savings can be made by controlling the operation of the lighting via motion sensors. Our latest data centre build project used a motion sensor to control a bank of 9 luminaires, with about 9 or 10 motion sensors placed at points around the data hall.

LED lighting is particularly suited to motion sensor control due to its instant start up time and does not suffer from high start-up currents associated with conventional fluorescent lighting.

The 600 x 600mm LED fittings recently installed within our docklands data centre draw 36W, which is half the power of equivalent conventional fluorescent light fittings.

Although lighting is only a small part of the data centres total energy load, reducing the power from lighting is a relatively straight forward way of reducing ancillary power requirements and lowering PUE.

Data Centre LED Lighting

Shown above - Zone controlled data hall LED lighting.


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