Data Centre Builds with a Mezzanine

Increase The Available Space in Your Data Centre by Building a Mezzanine & Lift System

ITE have installed a number of mezzanine structures to increase the available floor area of the data centre.

The largest mezzanine structure ITE have constructed totalled over 3000 square metres for the IX Europe / Equinix site in Heathrow, which doubled the available rack area for the site.

We normally use a steel frame structure which is self-supporting, not directly tied in with the building structure, which works well with a typical warehouse type unit.

Goods lifts, stair cases will have to comply with building regulations for emergency exit purposes.

Data Centre Mezzanine Steelwork

Ground floor level showing new mezzanine steelwork

Data Centre Mezzanine Level

Nearing completion, view of the mezzanine level


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