Planning for a Data Centre Build

Each Data Centre Build Requires Extensive Planning

Planning permission – Will be required for new data centre build or external modification of an existing data centre also required if changing the use of any part of the data centre, i.e. car parking space into cooling.

Building Regs – for corridor widths, exit routes, toilet facilities, disabled access etc

Energy Report – to be submitted to the local authority with planning permission.

Noise levels – A noise report may need to be submitted if the data centre is located near a residential area.

Road closures – Negotiation with local council for road closures to allow plant delivery.

Power – Data centres require a lot of power, the electrical supply authority will need to be contacted if sufficient power is not available. ITE have run in a new H.V supply’s for a number of data centres, either to increase the available power or to bring in a second backup supply.

 Generator Lift for a Data Centre

Above - Road closure for a generator delivey in central London


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