Indirect Adiabatic Cooling for Data Centres

Keep Your Data Centre Cool the Efficient Way With Adiabatic Cooling

ITE Projects are able to supply and install adiabatic cooling systems for data centre usage.

A number of different systems are available but all make use of a two stage cooling process using external air temperature and the cooling effect achieved through evaporation.

Stage 1 - Air Cooling:

Typically when the external air temperature is low enough this type of system is able to cool the data centre without the need for energy intensive air conditioning, offering considerable savings in running costs.

The hot primary air stream from the data centre is ducted to a heat exchanger unit, which is cooled from a secondary supply of cool external air. The primary and secondary air streams do not come into contact. This ensures that the environmental conditions within the data centre are kept under close control and unfiltered air from outside the data centre does not mix with the clean air within

Stage 2 - Adiabatic Cooling:

When the external air temperature rises to a level so that it can no longer cool the data centre, adiabatic cooling is initiated.

This is achieved in slightly different ways depending upon the manufacturer of the cooling equipment but will involve water being sprayed on to the heat exchanger cooling coils. The water will evaporate giving the adiabatic cooling effect to cool the primary air stream back to the data centre. While the heated moisture rich secondary air stream will be released to atmosphere.

Adiabatic Cooling Enhancing Efficiency:

The adiabatic cooling effect can be enhanced by using a statigcooler in which the internal passages of the heat exchanger have a hygroscopic layer where heat transfer and evaporation take place directly at the interface.

Further efficiencies in the system include the use of energy efficient EC fans and the use of hot and cold aisle layouts for the racks.


Installation: Please call ITE Projects today to arrange for a no obligation consultation on the feasibility of installing this latest efficient indirect adiabatic cooling systems in your new build or to replace your conventional mechanical data centre air conditioning system.


This system has very few moving parts, there are no compressors in the system. The only parts that require any maintenance are the fans and valves and a small pump for the water supply.


Traditionally cooled data centres can have a large CO2 footprint, with compressor driven air conditioning plant being a major contributor.

Indirect adiabatic evaporative data centre cooling has been developed as a truly ‘green’ air conditioning system, it cools with external air and water and avoids the use of HFCs used in most compressor based air conditioning systems.

  data centre adiabatic cooling imagedata centre adiabatic cooling plant

Cutaway image of an adiabatic cooling unit. (left)                           

Adiabatic cooling units installed within the Smart DC data centre Rotterdam (right)



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