Which free videoconferencing applications can I use to keep in touch with my loved ones?

Which free videoconferencing applications can I use to keep in touch with my loved ones?

There are plenty of reasons to start a videoconference during the lockdown that is hitting most of the main developped countries at the moment. Showing relatives the latest pogress of your little one, making remote beer gatherings or keeping in touch in a warmer way than a phone call. Several free softwares allow you to keep in touch with your loved ones by tapping on your smartphone or tablet.

Here we offer you a tour of the most used mobile solutions.

Google Duo

For its part, Google offers Duo (Android / iOS), an application that requires only a phone number to register. The maximum number of simultaneous participants is 8. A relatively well-done tutorial is available on the Google website.


On the Apple side, there is, of course, the unbreakable FaceTime. However, it requires that its contacts have an Apple device at their disposal for it to work. The number of participants can expect 32 people in a video, and Apple describes the procedure in a tutorial.


WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, while widely used, are not the only solutions for making video calls to two or more people. Microsoft, for example, offers Skype – with 300 million active users – which also allows group video chat for up to 50 people at a time.


Often used by gamers, but also increasingly by businesses, Discord enables video conferencing for up to 10 people in group messages. There is also Viber, a software edited by Rakuten, which, like its little friends, offers video discussions for two, or in groups with up to 5 people simultaneously.


WhatsApp is the world’s leading messaging application, with over 2 billion active users worldwide. It allows you to send text messages to your contacts, photos, videos, or any file. Audio calls are offered – perfect abroad when you have Wi-Fi but no roaming – but also video.

Video calls can be made with a single caller or in groups of up to 4 participants.

Facebook Messenger

With Messenger, Facebook offers an alternative to WhatsApp – which is also owned by Facebook. Used by 1.3 billion users worldwide, it recently became mandatory to have a Facebook account to use it – which WhatsApp does not.

Videoconferences can be held for up to 6 people if you want to see all your contacts at the same time. Beyond that number, only the video of the person speaking is displayed on the screen – a maximum of 50 people can be added to the group.