Data Centre Build Service

ITE have constructed a number of data centres, some of which can be viewed in the case studies.
These are often constructed in converted warehouses, sometimes with the addition of mezzanine platform to increase the floor area. Alternatively, a number of floors of office space can be modified to produce a large data centre facility.

Our aim when designing a data centre is to avoid any single point of failure. This is achieved with multiple feeds to computer racks and built-in redundancy in the overall design. A basic n+1 system will ensure that any malfunction of a single piece of equipment will not cause detrimental effects to the running of the data or e-commerce site.

We have constructed some data centres in phases, starting with a tier 1 or 2 system which includes generators, ups and cooling. The data centre capacity and/or resilience can be upgraded to a tier 3 or 4 system at a later stage if required, but this can be done more economically if this is concidered at the design stage. Further information is available from the Uptime Institute white paper ‘Tier classifications define site infrastructure performance’.

Data centre builds for Iomart & Rapidswitch involved converting a number of light industrial units into one large data centre. A number of dividing walls were knocked through with additional strengthening steelwork added where necessary. A new steel framed mezzanine structure was added with additional stairways and a goods lift.
External works included trenching for new independent H.V. supplies, concrete plinths for the generators and external switchgear housings and a high level steel gantry for cooling pipework.

The Viasat data centre included converting an office grade building to a data centre standard with an emphasis on security as well as resilience. The data hall and electrical switchgear was completely surrounded with a 120 min fire rated blast wall to BS5234. Twin separate risers were employed for the twin computer area electrical supplies, and cooling pipe routes.

The QI Comm / Docklands Data Centre data centre was converted from a multi tenant office building utilising extensive additional steelwork to support the Cat / Finnings flywheel UPS system.
The build included the data hall, switchrooms, office, kitchen and rest room areas as well as a telepresence conference area.