A security vulnerability has allowed hackers to read Microsoft Outlook user emails.

A security vulnerability has allowed hackers to read Microsoft Outlook user emails.

outlook security breach

Microsoft confirmed this itself: a security breach has reached his email, in this case, Outlook. Hackers have been able to read Outlook user emails. The damage, although announced as limited, is much more significant than Microsoft had indicated.

A security flaw allowed a mail hacking on Microsoft Outlook

Users of Microsoft Outlook are advised to exercise extreme caution. As reported on the Techcrunch website – and subsequently confirmed by Microsoft – some users’ emails were hacked between January 1 and March 28, 2019. The hackers stole the credentials of a technician working for the American firm.

They then had access to Outlook. While Microsoft wanted to reassure people that no sensitive data had been stolen and that only email addresses or the subject of messages were of interest to hackers, the reality is a little more complicated.

For example, according to the Motherboard site, which collected a witness to the attack, the damage is not that “limited,” as hackers were able to access the content of some conversations. And the screenshots taken by the site speak for themselves.

Solutions to bypass the security breach

Microsoft issued a statement to media The Verge and their website explaining the situation: “A small group (6% of the Internet users concerned) was informed that hackers have, without authorization, potentially accessed the content of their emails. These people received additional support.

Microsoft has not yet given the exact number of users affected by this piracy and has denied that this flaw has been spread over six months. For the rest, the firm says it has “no indication of how this stolen information will be used.”

The firm hypothesizes that Microsoft Outlook users may have been victims of phishing, a technique well known to encourage users to deliver confidential information such as a credit card code. Microsoft, therefore, called on its email users to be very vigilant and change their passwords.

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