Early warning detection and active automatic fire extinguishing systems are essential uptime considerations.
We are specialists in the design and installation of all types of fire defence systems, including the latest generation Hi-Fog water mist extinguishing systems and underfloor air scrubbing systems.

Fire Detection

Fire detection systems include optical / ionisation smoke detectors and rate of rise heat detectors located within false floors / ceilings and within the comms room itself. These are routed back to an addressable or conventional zoned fire alarm panel, coupled with break glass units, sounders and alarm bells.


Our latest data centre for Viasat has been installed with a Novec fire suppressant system.


We have installed a number of FM200 extinguishing systems in both large data centres and small computer rooms.
FM200 is a clean safe alternative to Halon 1301 and leaves no residue after discharge, making it particularly suited to a comms room environment.

Hi Fog

We have installed a number of Hi-Fog fire suppression systems in some of the larger data centres.
Hi-Fog uses water mist to extinguish fire and can be used with a smoke scrubbing system to minimise damage to computer equipment from smoke.

Air Aspiration

VESDA (very early smoke detection apparatus) systems are employed in data centre environments to give an early warning of impending fire.
The VESDA system samples the air running through the pipework routed throughout the data centre area and its sensitivity allows several levels of alert, depending upon the severity or state of the incident