Data Centre Efficiency

Using the latest technology we work to minimise your costs without minimising data centre efficiency.
Any new data or e-commerce centre will require an energy conservation report to be submitted as part of the planning process. With this in mind, we incorporate within our design the latest technology to minimise running costs.

Factors influencing the efficiency of a data centre include:

The correct positioning of air conditioning equipment such as chillers, dry coolers and condensers all need ample air space to enable heat to be removed efficiently. Air re-circulating from the air off to air on will reduce the efficiency of all air conditioning equipment.

We have also started some preliminary investigation into reusing waste hot air to provide heat for light industrial units backing on to a potential date centre / e-commerce site. The findings will be submitted with our planning proposal to the local council.

Air handling units and floor grilles need to be positioned correctly to maximise efficiency; avoid premature air re-circulation and to prevent the build up of hot spots within the computer room.

The code of conduct on data centre energy efficiency published in 2008

Power factor correction – data centres are prone to run large inductive loads due to the nature of equipment such as power transformers and fluorescent lighting. The extent of the data centre power factor needs to be established and suitably sized correction units installed.