VPN, how does it works?

VPN, how does it works?

What is a Virtual Private Network?

The VPN is a virtual private network. It is a software that will encrypt your internet traffic to hide your IP address. Its primary purpose is, therefore, to allow its user to browse everywhere on the Internet, anonymously and securely. Fans of illegal downloading can no longer do without it, but its usefulness is not limited to that.

Is a VPN really secure?

It all depends on the VPN you choose to use. Some software is of inferior quality, primarily totally free VPNs. They are often just tools to monitor your activity, and which will sometimes introduce viruses into your devices. That is why it is crucial to avoid free VPNs.

We recommend choosing a VPN service with a strict log retention policy and inquiring about the geographical location of the virtual private network and the laws in force in that country. They use dual security protocols, similar to those of online banks in particular.

Once your VPN software is fully installed and in working order, you will be free to see and do everything on the Internet, without the risk of being monitored. All data entering or leaving your machine will be encrypted so that no one can spy on your online activities or steal your personal information.

Accessible to all!

best vpn companies on the market
Some of the best vpn companies on the market

Their use is becoming more and more frequent. However, there are still many Internet users who do not take the step, imagining a sophisticated tool to use, reserved for computer scientists. That is not at all the case. Today, VPNs are very easy to use. Some VPNs offer advanced options or tools that only the most geeks will know how to use. However, for traditional use, you don’t need any special skills or knowledge. The operation of VPNs is child’s play.

Good reasons to use a VPN

When we navigate in an ultimately “naive” way, without any protection, then our privacy is partly controlled. Whether it is the ISP or the browsers, they know everything about each of our connections, the sites we visit, the purchases we make, the topics that interest us, but also the messages we send.

It makes it easier to target you to send you ads tailored to your tastes, but it is also a way for governments, or other pharmacies, to obtain information, which could be used in different ways.

Security and confidentiality: Becoming anonymous is, therefore, the primary purpose of a virtual private network. It adequately protects your privacy and prevents you from leaving a lot of information about yourself in the wild. Once your IP address has been masked and your communications encrypted, you are adequately protected against all software or prying providers.

Access the entire Internet: No matter where you are located, you no longer have any limits on the Internet.IT is convenient for those who live far from home, in particular. For a French person, for example, many videos are geographically blocked when they are in Asia or Africa. With a VPN software, you can simulate an IP address in Paris, and thus have access to all French content. You will also be able to access Netflix US, HBO or Hulu and benefit from more complete catalogs to watch series or films, usually inaccessible from your country.

Additional protection: A VPN tunnel does not replace an antivirus, but it effectively complements it. Hackers are creative and seek to steal information about you, including your bank details. All your communications are encrypted, and they should attack the VPN directly to recover data. VPN servers are highly secure, so there is minimal risk of being hacked.

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